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The Best Natural Detox Tea Known for Its Anti Aging & Weight Loss Effect!


Any questions you have that are not answered here, feel free to contact us on the form below or at and we will do our best to answer your questions within the day.


Is SkinnyLuxe Tea only for women?


Absolutely not! There is no gender restriction on the products. SkinnyLuxe Day Tea contains a small amount of caffeine that stimulates calorie burn, and our Night Tea helps promotes healthy discharge of toxins for both men and women.


Can I drink the tea when pregnant or breastfeeding? 


We don't recommend drinking the Day and Night tea whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. However, watch this space for a tea specifically designed for expecting and new mums! 

How long does the tea last?


The tea is most effective within the first six months of purchase, however, if you wish to store for longer periods of time, you can store it in an air-tight ziplock bag placed in a cool and dry place.


Should I expect any side effects?


Very little side effects are expected due to zero preservatives and laxatives.

Some loose bowels may occur due to the natural detoxification process.


What can I do to reduce/prevent side effects from the tea?


Reduce Steeping/Soaking Time


The potency of laxative effect from the Night Tea is highly correlated to both the steeping time as well as each individual’s metabolism rate. If its effect is too strong, the steeping time or soaking time can be reduced below the recommendation to suit your body and readjusted once your body is accustomed to it. For the case of undesired side effects, reduce until approximately 45 seconds.


Consult your General Practitioner


Should the side effects persist, you should consult your GP to verify if you have an allergy or if you are intolerant/sensitive to any of the tea ingredients? It is highly recommended to present the full ingredient list to your GP.


Start On the Weekend


For some, it would be a hassle to deal with the side effects when you already have a handful of daily tasks to complete. You may start your program over the weekend and integrate it into the week with the exception of Loose Leaf Tea as it does not exhibit any laxative effect.


Why am I experiencing headaches?




When detoxing with SkinnyLuxe Day Tea, your body will try to get rid of toxins. Insufficient water may impede the flushing process, thus, leading to accumulation of toxins which will cause headaches.




The other issue of your body lacking water is dehydration. Rehydration is important when consuming the Night Tea because of its natural effect of reducing water retention in the body. Drink at least 8 to 10  glasses of water daily.


Caffeine Withdrawal


Headaches can also come from caffeine withdrawal when you begin to reduce or completely stop your caffeine intake. This is a typical and natural reaction of the body that can last up to nine days but will gradually subside. Although it can be somewhat a pain to deal with, reducing your caffeine intake to a moderate amount will enhance the results of Bondi Detox.


Caffeine Intake


Conversely, those who do not usually take caffeine and are sensitive to it may also experience headaches when consuming Loose Leaf Tea. This is an uncommon occurrence but still possible as Sencha Green Tea and Yerba Mate in the Loose Leaf Tea contains a small amount of caffeine.


Is it safe to consume SkinnyLuxe tea long term?


All of our products are designed for continuous usage.


How frequently can I do the SkinnyLuxe Program?


Indefinitely! The great thing about our tea is that they are gentle enough on the stomach, and do not contain any laxative as many other teas do. Therefore there is absolutely no problem taking both our day time and night time tea on a regular basis.


In fact we highly recommend using it on a regular basis, so much so, we have created our loyalTEA club. This is a convenient subscription package taking the hassle out of remember to purchase your tea on a monthly basis. This club also offers you generous savings


Click here to join our loyal tea programme!!


What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?


It is recommended for you to consult your healthcare practitioner for advice before consuming our products.


Can I drink coffee whilst using SkinnyLuxe teas?


Yes, that is fine.


The caffeine, acidity and dehydrating effect of coffee are strenuous on the kidney and the liver during this period as your detoxification itself utilise these organs. Decaffeinated coffee is just as bad as all the properties of coffee remain, but caffeine is extracted using chemical agents.


What about my workout routine and diet?


There should be no change in your diet and lifestyle or if at all, an increase in your workout routine. SkinnyLuxe Method* has shown to give more energy, endurance, and stamina. Also, the more you exercise and eat healthily, the more efficient SkinnyLuxe method tends to perform. It becomes a cycle of getting healthier over time!


Are your products gluten-free?


 YES!! Not only is one of our founders is celiac we are also creating a tea to help reduce inflammation, therefore having a tea with no inflammatory ingredients was a priority.


Please note:

Our teas are made on nut free and gluten free premises. We do our best to guarantee our full assurance the ingredients will be gluten free and nut free. If you have any concerns please contact us  

All our teas are stored in organic centres 

Do you have any diet guidelines?


The SkinnyLuxe Method is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals to a healthier lifestyle. We have created a SkinnyLuxe lifestyle outline to help you support you on your health journey. We also recommend using the teas to help support an intermittent Fasting lifestyle. We love


What will happen to my weight if I stop?


A typical weight-loss diet will restrict your calorie intake which makes your body adapt to having less amount of energy. This will then slow down your metabolism rate to conserve energy and turn energy into fats for storage. It is the complete opposite with SkinnyLuxe Tea, as it is targeted to potentially increase your metabolism rate through healthy diet and exercise programs. Your weight should not increase as your body is still experiencing the elevated metabolism rate before returning to normal conditions. If desired, this effect can be prolonged by drinking 3-5 cups of green tea into your daily dietary.


How can I buy your products?


PayPal (Preferred)


  • Free: No cost for an account.        
  • Fast: Money directly goes into our account, and we begin processing.        
  • Easy: Information already provided and automated confirmation email.       
  • Safe: PayPal encrypts all your personal information even from themselves.
  • Only you can access it.

Credit Card


  • All credit cards are accepted by SkinnyLuxe Tea     

Apple pay

Amazon Pay


How do I know if my order was successful?


A confirmation email will be sent, however if you did not receive any email, you should check your junk/spam folders before you  Contact Us.

I did not get a tracking number.


Don’t sweat it. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase and are tracked using our automated tracking system. You will be updated automatically every time your package is scanned into the postage terminal.


I want a refund.


Send your complaints directly to our customer service team via email at and we will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as we can.


How can I submit my before and after images?


We encourage before and after pictures. You can tag us on Instagram @myskinnyluxetea or send your photos to us at


Some tips to get the best quality pictures.

  1. Ensure that the photos provided are the same area, angle and proportion of your body for best transformation comparison.
  2. Ensure that the photo is a full body shot including your face and a head shot for the verification of your transformation. We can crop your face out.
  3. Ensure that your photos are followed by a short feedback or description of your experience with SLT. This will then be used for women to motivate and encourage each other to achieve their goals.
  4. Do not send inappropriate and/or offensive attire or photos.
  5. By sending your pictures, you are allowing SkinnyLuxe Tea to use them for various promotional and marketing purposes. Do not send your photos if you do not consent to this term.
  6. If you want to give permission for your photo to be posted on social media but want to stay anonymous, let us know, and we can crop distinguishing features before publishing it.
  7. Most importantly, you must present your confirmation email as your proof of purchase with us.





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